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Feedback Wanted: Preliminary Renovation Schematic Designs are here!

As many of you may be aware, over the past few years there have been ongoing talks of a major renovation to the house. The house has not seen significant refurbishment in decades, and it's time to bring it up to date! 

Along the way, we want to provide an opportunity for our alumni to review and understand the scope of the renovations, and provide feedback before the detail design really begins. That opportunity is now! Below are links to the initial schematic designs for the renovations - these describe the work to be done at a high level, with some basic illustrations. Take a look, and if you have thoughts you'd like to share, either leave a comment below, or send an email to We look forward to hearing from you!

Ground Floor

2nd, 3rd and 4th Floors

5th Floor and Roof

Building Exterior

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Great Times at the Great American Beer Festival

Last month, a number of Dekes met up at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado, for a weekend of beer and brotherhood. George Mabry '76 shared the below photo of the group at the event! 

Left to right: Lorin Jurow ’93, Stuart Schaefer ’93, George Mabry ’76, Brian Brown ’93, Shinya Myojin ’94, Brian Pomper ’92, Katy Brown (Brian Brown’s wife) MIT ’93, Kimball Thurston ’94, Dirk Bernold ’93, Claude Denton ’93.

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Ben Kravit '08 Helps Take Take Down Criminal, Also Convinces Internet He Is Paul Rudd

As reported by Jezebel, Paul Rudd has excited the internet with his assistance in the takedown of an attacker yesterday at the Dallas Airport. But it turns out it wasn't Paul Rudd at all, it was our very own Ben Kravit '08!

Ben Kravit '08

Also Ben Kravit '08. Not Paul Rudd.
So it turns out that the appropriate hashtag of the day is actually #BenKravitSavesLives, rather than #PaulRuddSavesLives
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Fall Rush Week brings In 15 new Sigma Tau pledges!

Fall rush week at MIT ran from Saturday, August 30th through Saturday, August 6th, and it was another extremely successful week at the Dekehouse! Led by Rush Chair Alex Noakes '16, the active brothers recruited 15 young men to our chapter. A photo of all 15 new brothers, taken after last week's pledge meeting, can be seen below. Be sure to catch the upcoming fall issue of the Hottentot for a more in depth introduction to each of the new brothers-to-be!

Top, from L to R: Connor Hanlon '18, Luke Gray '18, Maxwell Ruston '18, Robert DiSanto '18, Jacob Del Priore '18 Bottom, from L to R: Raoul-Emil Khouri '18, Stephen White '18, Sebastian Santos '17, Ryan Kelly '18, Marcus Urann '18, Michael Delaus '18, John King '18, Kyle Pina '18, Christian Jamison '18, Matthew Nicolai '18

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Fall Alumni Dinner Date Finalized: October 4th, 2014

After hearing from a number of brothers, October 4th was determined to be the best date to hold this fall's alumni dinner.

Please check your inbox for a message shortly with a link to the details! For those who cannot attend in person, there will be a call in number as well. As always, if you don't receive the email, please let us know by sending a note to

We hope to see or hear from you on the 4th!

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